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Traveler Door Security Products

Mistakes do happen and sometimes someone else has been assigned to your room.

This happens more frequently in suites with adjoining bedrooms that can be sold as separate rooms.

Or there could be an intruder trying to get in.

In any case, don't leave anything to chance.

Use on doors or room connecting doors :

Popular Traveler Products

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Once you have secured your room , check the diagram on the back to review the nearest exits and mentally plan your escape route.

The few seconds that it takes to review the exit information can save your life.

Items to have on your night stand in the event of an Intruder, Burglar, Prowler, or Trespasser.
If you’re constantly on a business trip or simply a globetrotter you have come to the right place for your travel security needs.

When you are away from home who has your back ...who is thinking about your security, the sad reality no-one. Travel security falls in the "looking out for number one" in basket.

There are countless stories about:

  • Tourists losing all their valuables inside their hotel rooms.
  • Housekeeping showing up after hanging “Do Not Disturb” signage on the doorknob.
  • Even worse, travelers being murdered inside their hotel rooms.

Its the bitter truth. However,you can still be safe if you take precautions and arm yourself with portable traveler safety products. To prevent hotel room attempted break-ins you need  a super door stop alarm or a duel function door brace.

For added security choose one of these popular products:

  • 130 db personal alarm.
  • Personal alarm with flashlight.
  • Small stungun flashlight with alarm.
  • Pepper spray pager.

All these items are designed especially for people who travel and care about their security wherever they go.

Before your next trip, promise yourself you will be less of a tourist and more of a savvy traveler by investing in some travel security products.

We have a wide array of security products, which are all priced reasonably so you can get one for yourself and one for your travel buddy.

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