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Anti Date Rape Kit

Statistics Show That When A Woman Says No, It Does Not Mean NO Anymore

Numerous cases of date rapes and sexual assaults are on the rise like a plague. You see them on the news, hear them on the radio and read them on the papers everyday.

How unlucky for us women to be constantly the target of such crimes.

Even though we say “NO” or “STOP,” it doesn’t count anymore. These wicked aggressors simply ignore their vocabulary and pursue their awful sexual urge. What’s tricky is that sometimes a guy friend or an acquaintance turns out to be a monster after all. You’ll really never know if you’re running with the devil that’s why it’s a must to understand date rape prevention.

While it’s important to know the guys you go out with and to be always alert, it’s also necessary to carry a self-defense weapon everywhere you go. Depending on your preference, there are many self defense for women products that you can arm yourself with.

An effective rape prevention kit for women’s self defense is composed of a pepper shot and a personal alarm with flashlight.

Read below how these rape self defense items can help you:


Lipstick Pepper Spray is your first line of defense against a rapist. A spray will swell up his mucous membrane; infuse tears; cause choking and difficulty in breathing; and temporary blindness.






Personal alarm with flashlight is helpful at deterring attackers with 130db alarm and flashlight. It can easily call attention with its earsplitting alarm and can light you path as you run away from an assailant

Learn how to defend yourself if you are attacked or you have been abducted.
I have made sure that all of the women in my life carry a pepper spray and a personal alarm with them. Experts say these rape self defense items will possibly save your life.

Ladies, empower yourself with this anti-date rape kit before it’s too late.
It is incredibly discounted so you can get one now and be confident hitting the dating scene at night.

Customer Reviews

Average rating from 3 reviews: 5.0
Don't leave home without it!I never go anywhere without this anti date rape kit in my purse. I haven't had to use it. But, I have been in situations that made me uncomfortable enough to be happy I had it with me! Written by Dinah Sojourner on Wed 13 May 2009 10:30:51 PM GMT
It's a gotta haveIf you go out on a dates you need to have this kit with you. I have this kit; all of my sisters in our sorority house have one too. Its on our must have for college list.

Maria Lawson
Written by Maria Lawson on Sat 21 Feb 2009 7:49:41 PM GMT
Love my kitI bought this kit with portability in mind. I am able to take the spray and alarm with me, and if I run in to a goon I am ready. Every College Girl should have one.

Megan Spencer
CAL State
Written by Megan Spencer on Sat 21 Feb 2009 4:07:59 PM GMT
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